January 15, 2011

Create Windows shares from command line using RMTSHARE.EXE

Today i've needed a way to automatically create a windows share on flash disks with a script file (so this script can be run by the user after he pluggin the stick in).

The Windows Ressource Kit provides the tool "RMTSHARE.EXE" which is able to solve this problem. You can find the Windows Resource Kit on your Windows Server 2003/2008 CD or download it directly here.

To create a share called "temp" on folder "C:\temp" with Read/Write Permissions and grant local user "admin" type:

rmtshare \\localhost\temp=C:\temp /GRANT localhost\admin:RC

January 07, 2011

Exporting Oracle data to HTML or Excel

To export data from an oracle database via SQL to an HTML file, you
can use the "markup html" feature.

This can also be used to Export data to Excel due it can interpret and format HTML files in a proper way

January 05, 2011

rm command - Adding Security Prompt

It just happened again.... in Unix/Linux Environments a small rm can kill your work of hours or even worse.
A very likely error is putting an / too much at the beginning of the path... and you accidentally hit the wrong folder(s). Gone for ever. Due to there is no trash can like in windows. Bye Bye data.

To avoid these errors, you can trick yourself with setting an alias on rm.